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Almedio follows four continental meetings of the World mountain people association APMM


«Not to allow that anybody should speak in our name and to say to the world what we are and what we want» it was the aim that we proposed ourselves with Jean Lassalle, president of the World mountain people association. During three months and across three continents, ALMEDIO captured the voice of the mountain people. In September it was in the Andes (El Cusco), in October in the Himalayas and in austral Africa (Lesotho), in November Morroco and Camaroon.  A series of testimonies identify the problems that arise from their struggle, to indicate the initiatives in course, to promote prior actions and to try to build a collective definition of the mountain, for subjective and real that is. From this mosaic of cultures that include their hopes, dreams, strugles and challenges, ALMEDIO wrote a booklet available in the web page of our partners of   APMM.

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We, the mountain people  (Downloadable)