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Portal for Food Sovereignty


Almedio conducted, under the coordination of Empodera Consultants, the Portal for Food Sovereignty


The portal was possible thanks to the solution "Multimedia Notebook." 


Its aim is to allow access to a wide variety of resources related to food sovereignty (texts, videos, photos, teaching resources, etc.) organized by keywords, topics of interest, areas of work, country, levels of difficulty, etc. It also allows the user to propose its own contribution to the portal. is a tool, while fun and functional, for all people and organizations concerned with the problems of sustainable supply, production and fair trade food, food security and the right the people to feed according to their culture and beliefs. was presented at the meeting in Alborache (Valencia Spain). 


The "Multimedia Notebook" is the result of the experience of several organizations that have participated under the coordination of Empodera Consultants, responsible for the design and implementation of the portal. Almedio Consultants worked on this project with:&nb

  • CERAI, which allowed for the exploitation of its documentary on rural development and sustainable fisheries, 
  • Altao, especialist in management skills through new technologies, 
  • Almedio Consultants and Los latidos de la Tierra that have supplied their image banks, 
  • Coredem, which provided access to its search engine 
  • Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation, which for 30 years contributes to the emergence of world citizenship.

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