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Promoting the SEIU sessions: Defending and managing global commons, territories, resources, communities.


Almedio in association with Empodera Consultores have supported the organizacion of the Guérande sessions, organized by the Sustainable Earth Alliance and University for:

  • Procede to the systematization and the web promotionof the Guérande sesssions
  • Achieve a serie of short films who shows the format and style of the event
  • Achieve a serie of sounds products and photos for promote the event
  • Contribute to the organization of the event
  • Contribute with the program of the event
  • Coordinate the tecnical systematizacion and traducing team
  • Achieve a on-line magazine for promoting each day of the event

The Guérande sessions: from the 6th to the 11th of October 2013.


Links to the sessions:


Sponsored by Sustainable Earth Alliance and Sustainable Earth University

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