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Systematization of the international seminar "Preparing Rio +20, proposals for a sustainable world". Brasilia, October 2011.

Brasilia, octubre 2011, Seminario Preparando Rio+20, por un mundo sustentable

Almedio systematized the second part of the cycle "Rio, 20 years after", organized by the Institute for Policy Research of Civilization - IIRPC (France), chaired by Edgar Morin, in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Brasilia, between 24 and 26 octobre. More than 42 international speakers, researchers, representatives of civil society and public authorities of seven countries, sharing the discussion with more than 400 participants around six round tables and 6 reflection circles and approximate 4000 visits in Internet around the world. Almedio in coordination with Empodera Consultores focused in the systematization of the seminar:

  • training of the local group of rapporteurs
  • methodological advice and support for the coordinators of all sessions
  • identifying emerging challenges and proposals for action and presentation in the form of a concept map in the final plenary
  • writing final synthesis document of the seminar
  • linking with other components of the cycle Rio+20 years after 

Download the full document here (PDF, Portuguese)

Presentation of the concept map on the proposals for Rio +20.

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Keywords Reflective Group 1: Global Environmental Governance

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