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Audio-visual capsules Notibus

The teams ESPIRAL Chile and Mexico are carring out a series of audio-visual capsules for Notibus, the channel that brings daily news and cultural capsules in the collective transport system in Mexico City, known as Metrobus.

The serie, at the moment in post-production, called "Aldea Latinoamericana" consists of 10 capsules of a few minutes each. Themes addressed include environmental conflicts in the region and folk jobs in Santiago, Chile.

These stories will be displayed in the monitors availables on the buses from Metrobus. This way we hope to contribute to the exchange of experiences among our countries in Latin America.

To see the capsules from YouTube:
¡Yá bajale a tu ruido!
Por la geografía de América Latina
El jaguar, un felino latinoamericano
Amazonía en peligro
Las represas