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Santiago de Chile: Systematization of the event Prospects after the disaster of May 2010

Le séminaire a été systématisé heure par heure par Almedio dont les résultats sont accessibles à l'adresse suivante:

The earthquake and tsunami that occurred in central-southern Chile, on February 27 last (8.8 in Richter scale), have had consequences that have surpassed the symbolic constructions of the population and showed the fragility of the political, sociological, ethical and scientific.

The authorities, social organizations and even universities themselves have concentrated their efforts on the urgent need to examine and resolve immediate problems. However, a number of aspects concerning the relationship between human beings, individuals and community, have not been taken into account in this first stage of reconstruction. In this sense, the University of Santiago de Chile - USACH and Edgar Morin Center / CNRS-EHESS organized the seminar "Prospects after Disaster: The complexity of nature" under the auspices of the French Embassy in Chile and sponsorship of the Fundación Chile 21, the International Institute for Policy Research of Civilization, Espace Mendès France, and the International Observatory of the University Reform (ORUS.)

This academic initiative proposed to examine the consequences of the earthquake from a complex approach, multi-and transdisciplinary placing a human lens and the relationship between institutions and individuals in crisis situations.

The seminar was systematized hourly by Almedio whose results are available at the following address:

The systematization was a product made by the method Segmento- ideas for managing corporate knowledge.

Other outstanding achievements: