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ALMEDIO systematised the first European Union, Latin American and Caribbean Local Governments Forum

 Launched by the French, Italian and Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and within the framework of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, the first European Union, Latin American and Caribbean Local Governments Forum took place in Paris on 29th and 30th November 2007. The ALMEDIO team was asked to systematise and fully exploit the proceedings of the Forum. Before, during and after the event, and in permanent liaison with the Forum’s organisers, the work was arranged along four productions:

1. Executive summary of the five working sessions. Based on the Forum’s central themes, namely social cohesion, decentralised cooperation and bi-regional dialogue, the systemisation team identified the most significant speeches in order to highlight the stand-out moments, contributions and ideas of the event.

2. The voice of mayors and local authorities: a bi-regional record of local experiences. To record the testimonies, a team of journalists interviewed eleven Latin American and nine European local authorities using a grid prepared beforehand with the organisers. The interviews demonstrated how local councillors perceive the challenges of social cohesion at the local level and how they believe decentralised cooperation and political dialogue between states can contribute in strengthening it.

3. Cross-cutting analysis of the debates and conclusions of the Forum. At the end of the Forum, the ALMEDIO team proposed to carry out a transversal analysis of all the debates and interviews in order to pinpoint the strategic pillars of the event. The transversal analysis contributed heavily in recording the main problems identified by participants during this first Forum. In addition, it helped in shaping the elements present in the concrete proposals that can be found in the Final Declaration.

4. Almedio built the Forum web site available at