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Conferences, symposia, seminars, debates, forums ... events where groups of people, often experts in a subject, gather to discuss, present proposals, draw conclusions, and so on. Many times, participants in these events will go with the feeling that his speech was lost in the pile of information or that was not reflected in final decisions.

Almedio Consultants systematize your meetings in order to capitalize and exploit all the collective wisdom that gathers on them.

To this end, Almedio Consultants involved before, during and after each meeting:

  • Before organizing your work and guiding the organizers to generate mechanisms for the better use of the human resources.
  • During, collecting information, performing the synthesis of the rapporteurs and working sessions, interviewing the main representatives and participants.
  • After, extracting the lines and the central recommendations of the event. Then, exploiting the results through the records, appropriate manuals, and recovering the material on the Internet.

The dissemination of products is an important part of the process, for this we have our own tool, created based on our experience, SEGMENTO - Monitoring system and capitalization methodology of collective knowledge, which along with ordering all the information and put it in relation is a Web platform that allows the dissemination of content.

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