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Monitoring system of collective knowledge an invention of Almedio Consultores


Congress, conferences, seminars, debates, forums ... so many events where groups of people, often experts on a topic, gather to discuss, advance proposals, draw conclusions, make programming, statements ...

At least four issues arise as a result of these meetings:

  •     How to take full advantage of the richness of the debates?
  •     How to restore a true reflection in the final documents?
  •     How to maintain the momentum once the participants returned home?
  •     How to link this to the next meeting calendar items?

The system SEGMENTO is an innovative and indispensable tool.

Made from an experience of over ten years in the systematization of meetings, SEGMENTO use technical tools currently available in the internet and mobilizes international and multidisciplinary human resources.

SEGMENTO is at the same time:

  • A method of organization and systematization of information
  • A technical platform databases
  • A web tool for the final recovery of content and the whole process.